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Taylor authorized service and genuine parts




Our technical service, along with customer support and parts availability are critical components that will impact the profitability of our equipment in your business. Having a proactive connection with our customer along with our high level service is the foundation of our business and the fundamental to everyone’s success.



  • We offer repair service seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Our Taylor service technicians are advantageously located within our territory.

  • We service everything we sell.

  • We offer complete delivery, installation, start-up and training (included with the purchase of every Taylor machine).

  • All our service technicians are Taylor factory trained and certified.

  • On-going training at the Taylor factory is conducted throughout the year to keep skills up to date.

  • Our Taylor technicians are dedicated professionals, on-call to assist over the phone or after hours when necessary.

  • We also provide free telephone trouble shooting for your Taylor freezers, Frigomat gelato cases, Flavor Burst systems and Bella Brew Coffee and Espresso machines.  

  • Toll-Free Emergency Service At    800.254.6921

  • Speak To A Live Operator 24 Hours A Day




• Equipment Refurbishing Programs
• Complete Equipment Rebuild Programs
• Steam Cleaning Of Machines
• Winter Storage Of Machines

• Preventative Maintenance Programs



•  Our Parts Department Stocks Over $1 M In Spare Parts Inventory. 

•  Our Computer System Automatically Reorders Parts Stock Daily.

•  Our Service Van Stock Is Replenished Daily To Ensure That We Do A “First Time” Fix With The Correct Part When You Need It. 

•  Offer Overnight Delivery Anywhere When Needed.



ABS and Taylor Parts Department is dedicated to helping maximize your food service equipment investment. With proper care and maintenance, your equipment will continue to run efficiently and effectively.

All our technicians are factory-trained professionals who utilize state-of–the-art computer and communications tools to provide instant information and precise stock control.


Why should you insist on Authorized Service Genuine Taylor Parts?

  • Preserve equipment efficiency

  • Maintain UL and/or NSF approvals

  • Exact drop in replacements

  • Exact electrical specifications and connections

  • Designed to meet rigorous factory lifecycle design specifications 

taylor equipment authorized gnuine parts
abs & taylor parts warehouse




ABS & Taylor is dedicated to helping maximize your food service equipment investment. With proper care and maintenance, your equipment will continue to run efficiently and effectively:

  • More equipment uptime and increased capacity

  • Better product yields and increased sales

  • Longer lifetimes for costly components like beater motors, compressors and beater assemblies

  • Higher quality product output for your customers’ enjoyment

The preventative maintenance schedule on Taylor soft serve and shake machines recommends that wear items such as seals and o-rings be replaced every three months. These components come in a convenient Taylor Tune-Up Kit which can be scheduled to automatically ship to your location every three months. Additional parts such as scraper blades, Taylor lube, Stera-Sheen, and cleaning brush kits can also be sent at an additional charge. All shipments are sent via UPS directly from our parts warehouse.

What are the Program benefits?

By automatically replacing these wear items on a regular basis you can serve a consistently superior product and avoid costly and unnecessary service calls. For example, worn out or damaged rubber seals can cause damage to the beater motor, compressor, and other expensive electrical components. Regular change out of wear items protects your “A” rating and enhances the overall sanitation of your Taylor Equipment.

Additional benefits are obtained by replacing the plastic scraper blades every three months. Using scraper blades beyond their expected life will cause excessive running time of the freezer and result in poor product quality, low yield, decreased production capacity, and increased utility cost.


What does a typical Program consist of?

A suggested program for a Taylor C713, 336, or 794 would entail a Tune-Up Kit (o-rings and seals), a tube of lube, and a set of scraper blades every three months or four times a year (kits vary by equipment). You can customize your program to have any operating supplies like Stera-Sheen and to receive a brush kit every 6 months.

How do I enroll?

It’s easy. Just call or email our Parts Department and ask to enroll in the Preventative Maintenance Parts Program.

What is the cost?

The cost varies depending on what type of machine you have. Contact us to receive a quote.

taylor equipment maintenance program


ABS & Taylor Certified Pre-owned equipment program offers only Taylor Quality ice cream machines and cooking equipment that have being carefully chosen and reconditioned only with Taylor Authorized Genuine Parts.

All Pre-owned ice cream machines and cooking equipment pass a rigorous diagnostics check and test by our certified EPA master technicians. Only then after passing our 47 Points Inspection, equipment is approved, prepared and certified to be sold as a Taylor Pre-owned Certified.

ABS & Taylor Services guarantees all Pre-owned ice cream machines and cooking equipment by extending all warranties for 90 days on Parts and Labor after purchase (Warranty includes delivery, installation, start-up and staff training.).

Feel free to inquire with us to answer any questions that you may have so we can assist you to fulfill your needs and remember that you can get a Taylor quality Pre-owned ice cream machine and cooking equipment at a reduced price.


Call us, or contact us today and inquire about our available equipment inventory.  Certified Pre-owned equipment is in high demand because of the substantial benefits and reduced pricing. Talk to one of our sales department specialists that will answer and help you find exactly what you need.

Your one source for Taylor soft serve, slush/frozen beverage machines or grill parts and more… Should you ever require Taylor parts or need a service call, contact ABS & Taylor, your local appointed distributor, to ensure the highest level of satisfaction. Not all parts are created equal. ABS & Taylor always uses Authorized Service Genuine Taylor Parts to preserve your equipment efficiency and requirements. Genuine Taylor Parts have been engineered and manufactured specifically for your Taylor foodservice equipment. So, when you need a replacement part for your Taylor equipment, look only to the brand that knows that equipment best — Taylor. From soft serve parts to slush machine parts to grill parts, trust only Authorized Service Genuine Taylor Parts to keep your equipment running at optimal performance so that you can ensure efficiency and food safety within your operation.


Get the quality of a “Taylor” at a reduced price:

• Financing available

• Model & quantities limited

• Service contracts and warranty available

used restaurant equipment sale
Our 47 point inspection and diagnostic check includes:

• Align drive couplings

• Check beater motor overloads

• Adjust draw switches

• Check beater assemblies

• Check water valve operation

• Check for water leaks

• Record head pressures

• Replace dented panels

• Install new cord(s) if necessary

• Check cycle times

• Replace hopper gasket

• Set freezing cylinder (temp)

• Set hopper temperatures

• Set “stand-by” temperatures

• Check mix indicator lights

• Check gear motor/drive shaft alignment

• Check all metal panels

• Replace damage panels

• Sanitize Hopper and covers

• Sanitize freezer doors

• Clean, brush and sanitize conduits

• Prepare Equipment for storage

• Replace rear shell bearing(s)

• Install new Tune-up Kit

• Replace all scraper blades

• Steam clean machine

• Spray paint interior

• Clean condensers

• Check compressor amperage draws

• Check pulley alignment

• Check and/or replace belts

• Check amperage draw of beater motor(s)

• Tighten all electrical connections

• Clean contacts on line starters

• Check hopper refrigeration system

• Adjust E.P.R. valve

• Set expansion valves

• Check refrigerant

• Check initial freeze down time

• Clean or replace casters

• Check pump operation

• Check or replace pump parts

• Check feed tube/ air orifice

• Check condenser fan operation

If you have any questions, please contact us today

Financing is available and it's as simple as 

calling us today at 708-233-1467 or 800.254.6921

Menu & Floor design



Call ABS & Taylor. We will suggest the right equipment option, install it, train staff and provide maintenance plans that will keep your operation successfully running for years.  Whether you’re looking for new on-trend ideas to win new clients, or choosing additional equipment to fit an expansion, ABS & Taylor goes above and beyond to help your businesses succeed.  

Let us help you with menu and space planning.  Dealing with Hundreds of other businesses we know what works and are ready to share our knowledge to help you.

From small storefront restaurants, to large national chains, to huge global operations, you can count on Taylor equipment for the on-trend ideas, knowledgeable support and durable equipment you need.


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